Blue Geometric Mural

I love love love geometrics, just can’t cope sometimes! I love to paint and execute them but not the symmetrical type, oh no. The asymmetrical type. It is harder to execute symmetrical pieces by hand but for my eye, I prefer the randomness of the asymmetrical style. So what did I do, naturally I did another geometric mural. This one is quite neutral in colour and again like all my murals, can be changed according to the interior it sits in.


I wanted to create a geometric piece that can easily frame furniture or be a feature for a small area on a wall. Murals are so effective when they don’t cover the entire wall; it’s like a canvas art piece but designed specifically for the interior and of course painted straight onto the wall. The process is the same as all my other murals, an initial pencil and pen design and then a painted sample. Once all that is approved, the actual painting can begin!


I loved the colours here. A bright colour would look amazing in just one or two of those shapes. Even having gold as the border colour would bring a touch of elegance to the space.

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