Velvet Print Decorative Wall Finish

Hello! I do have a thing with decorative finishes at the moment, completed another one! This one is done using velvet and printing it onto the wall surface. The texture is so interesting and using layers of paint, a rather pretty design gets built up. I used some paintbrush action too to get some more interest and depth into the piece.

What I love about these decorative finishes is the flexibility of the final finish with the colours, scale and placement. They can be updated on the fly after a year or two with hardly any effort for a new change to the environment. I did this one quite simply actually, just taking the velvet and cutting it up into various pieces ready for the various layers of paint.


Always build up from light to dark if you choose to do this finish in your home.


I have so many samples of paints, but they make for excellent use with accents in my decorative pieces and even in murals. The brush strokes add another layer of depth.And here’s the final piece with a close up of the velvet texture!


Loved completing this one. Got other decorative finishes and murals on my site, check it out for inspo and commissions!


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