Light Decorative Wall Finish

Decorative wall finishes are a fabulous alternative to wallpaper and plain one colour walls. They are so flexible in colour, form, style and depth and can be tailored to suit the interior space. I have recently completed a new 3D decorative wall finish in light neutral colours that would go in many a space. There are many layers involved beginning with the 3D design that gives the final impression of embossed wallpaper. Of course the difference here, is that the design is bespoke and will always be unique because it is finished by hand.

I began with the 3D design, planning out what I wanted do and drawing up a sample in pen and pencil. Then a sample of the final painted finish. This is so important as it gives me a chance to test out the final finish and the client a chance to see it as it would go onto the wall. 17061712


I then prepared the surface which is amazingly important and with a particular mix of plaster, I piped out the design onto the wall. The scale and number of designs is totally dependent on the space but here I did three.


Then it is sanded down to smooth it out and on go the various layers of paint.


Until we are left with the final finish!


There are various other decorative finishes I have developed, the information is all on






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