Making a Mood Board

So what is a mood board? Well put simply it’s a collection of images that represent a certain brief. For example if the brief is to design an interior that is colourful and airy then the mood board should reflect that. There should be images that represent colourful things and light and airy things. 

It is important to note that when it comes to design there are no set rules. Whatever you’re designing. Anyone who tells you otherwise has set rules to follow from someone else or their own mindsets that don’t allow them to look beyond the conventions of design but creative design really has no rules. 

A mood board isn’t necessary but it’s a way to organise and formulate ideas; a good tool to utilise especially online with the amount of images available and social media like pinterest.

A good place to start is with a colour palette. This will help set the mood board up so you can look for inspiration with the right colours. A good way to get a colour palette is to find one picture that encompas the whole feel of the design. The image will depend on your final intentions. Eye pick the colours from the image on the computer maybe four to begin with and more if you need to. Eye picker tools can be found on photoshop or even paint. If the image is from a magazine then make a note of the colours and keep them in mind when choosing other images. 

Here are some good examples of getting a colour palette from one image. 

Next we need some inspiration. If your designing an interior then some images of potential furniture ideas would be good and sticking with the colour palette. If your designing something else then inspirational pics of what you’re designing would be good. 

Get some pics of texture in there. Whether it’s for interiors or something else, flat images don’t do much for creative design. Texture brings another dimension to design. 

This mood board is a good example of using a simple colour palette and lots of textural images. Images of just patterns will also bring in another dimension to the board and design. 

This mood board is a good example of a neutral palette but heavy on the finishes and textures. This mood board was meant for a wedding theme but it can easily be used for an interior or even fashion.

This mood board shows how darker colours work well in design. This is contemporary, sleek and sophisticated. 

Adding some text can help an observer or even yourself with the intention behind the design. To put a few key words that inspired the mood board can help keep it on track and tie it together.

A simple mood board like this is enough to gather ideas to design anything in the colour palette and vintage style.

Happy designing! 


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