Ways to Utilise a Black Wall in Interiors

A full black wall is a bold choice for interior design, one which adds much drama and contrast to a space. Most of us wouldn’t utilise this underrated design idea but when executed properly, it can create an amazing interior.

A few things to note when deciding to utilise a full black wall. If it is to be painted, choose a very good decorator. It is one job to paint white everywhere but to paint colours and especially black does require some patience and skill in applying the paint in even layers and with decent coverage. Choose a good quality paint. One wall won’t use as much as a whole room so invest wisely. Try go for paint that ranges from £30 and above for 2.5l tin and always try a sample pot on the surface you wish to paint, with two coats to see the opacity and finished texture.

It should ideally be utilised in a medium to large room. If you wish to use black in a small room, ensure there is extra lighting beyond the natural light. Natural light and artificial lighting will help to break up the starkness of the black and balance out the room. The room will get very dark and dull very quickly if lighting is not considered properly. Wall lights on the black wall is a nice way to purposely draw attention to the wall and to add another layer of interest. If there are imperfections in the paint work, it will show up with the wall lights and other direct lighting so be careful!

As with other coloured walls, it is an idea to add something else to the black wall. This could be frames, lighting, canvas art or contrasting furniture to sit infront of the wall.

Black can be applied to walls in other ways such as wallpaper. Wallpaper would have a texture or pattern so ensure it goes with the overall style of the room. There would be less need to break up the colour with other elements with textured and patterned paper but it is still something to consider.

Black tiles is another method to add texture and to combine rustic and contemporary styles into one. Rustic wouldn’t usually have black stone or black tiles but black metals and contemporary styles love the contrast of the black and lighter colours so it’s an interesting way to marry the two styles together.

In regards to colour, black goes with any other colour as it is essentially a lack of colour so creates a good backdrop. Of course, different colours have different effects and whichever light colour you use, it will have a dramatic effect. White would be used for harsh, stark contrasts. Creams and other warmer neutrals will tone down the harshness of the contrast. Adding in colours such as yellow gives a twist on the Scandi style and adding metals such as golds, brass and silver can add a lush and slightly cooler feel to the black and overall space.

Plan carefully and happy designing!

Black wall with texture, contrasting gold and silver frames and various patterns to offset it
Black wall with panels, white images, off-white fireplace, chair and other elements to break up the black. The chrome lights helps to bounce light around and add another texture to the space
Black stone wall nicely tied in with the rustic feel of the interior. Dark woods and metals for other furniture aspects while the mix of woods in the entire space offset the dark colours
Plain black wall; the use of the lighter arts on the it break up the black and does the wooden sideboard. The plants bring in a tuscan feel


The black panelled wall is kept simple, but the panels help to add interest in the form of texture and shadows as light is cast on it
The black wall here is panelled in a different manner to above and accentuated on purpose with accent lighting. This further adds interest and breaks up the black making it a real feature
This is a Scandi feeling interior with the style of furniture and ornaments used. The black wall is kept casual with the art pinned up randomly and the use of writing. Unsure if it is a painted chalkboard wall but that could also be used as a feature
This is much more luxurious with the use of tiles, gold finishes, mirrors and interesting pieces such as the hand chair and sculpture on the table. Used as an entrance, one would not expect to spend a lot of time in this space so the dramatic choice is suitable for the space
An example of not just one black wall but almost the entire room. The room is overly large with huge amounts of natural light and high ceilings. This makes the use of execessive black appropriate for the space. It is still broken up with the lighting, sculptures and interesting fabrics used throughout the space.




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