A Dose of Art – Roger Koenig

As I was flicking through some of my World of Interiors magazines, I came across this artist. An abstract painter whose work stood out to me. That happens for some people; we can look at artwork and think oh, what happened here whereas someone else would look at the same artwork and be eternally moved by the piece. The subjectivity of art is beautiful in the pure concept of subjectivity itself even before individual artists and pieces are considered, mind boggling.

Each artist we would come across has their own style beginning with the general genre of their work i.e. contemporary, abstract, portraits and within that further sits a style of painting said genre. We see here a muted colour palette of Roger Koenig, favouring the grey blue tones as bases and working upon that. If colour manages to slip into the piece, that too would be a muted tone of a red or a yellow maybe.

It is difficult to pin point why one maybe drawn to a particular piece or style of painting. It could be a reflection of our mindset of the current moment just as well as it could be something in the piece has hit a deeper thought, or memory or feeling. Art can have profound effects on us, if we are open to it.



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