Designing an Interior with Teal

Teal is one of those colours that is used a fair bit in modern interiors. It is a shade of blue with a tinge of green and is rather potent. When deciding how to use teal in an interior, it is advisable to use it as an accent only. The colour is rather overpowering if used in large amounts. If it is to be used in large amounts and another colour is the accent colour, then lighter shades of teal should be used.

To throw some light on what accents are, the balance of colours should be considered. In interior design, it is thought that there should be unequal proportions of colour in the design. For example if three colours are used in an interior, the general consensus is that one colour should dominate the interior space, making up approximately 60% of the colour in the space. The second dominant colour would make up approximately 30% and the final colour should be 10%. This allows the final colour to become the accent. If there are equal amounts of colour in a space one colour wont stand out against the other. The effect will result in a flat colour palette.

Teal goes with an array of colours but there are certain combinations that are more popular than others. The chocolate and teal combination set against cream is a popular combination.

chocolate teal
Chocolate and Teal Interior 

Teal as the accent against a cream background would also work.

teal cream
Cream and Teal Interior 

Teal in a setting of pink would create a unique setting.

teal pink
Pink and Teal Interior

Teal and yellow would create a more earthy interior.

teal yellow
Yellow and Teal Interior 

As we look at these interiors, we can see that teal is best used in soft furnishings such as cushions and the occasional ornament. One piece of furniture in teal would also create the accent against a neutral background.

Lighter shades of teal can adorn the walls while one wall remains potent in the colour. The lighter teal shade can be picked up in one other feature in the room such as a rug or a couple of cushions.

In the arena of soft furnishings, a couple of teal cushions against a set of neutral cushions would certainly bring out the beauty of the colour.

teal cushion
Teal Cushions

Beautiful colours in the feathers and peacock inspired accessories or artwork always adds interest and another layer in the interior.

peacock accessories
Peacock Accessory 

Our teal cushions can be worked into a more neutral setting, and when purchased come with a guide on teal interiors and how best to create them.

tp2 tg3

For more advice on how to embed teal into an interior, contact us at


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