The ‘Antiques for Everyone’ Show

Antiques is one of those things, you either love them or just aren’t bothered with them. But it’s always good to understand and appreciate where things come from, and how style develops over the years.

This weekend was the ‘Antiques for Everyone’ show in NEC Birmingham. A massive complex with shows on all the time, it was a very pleasant visit.

The show had a range of antiques on sale, from cutlery, crockery to clothes and furniture. Let’s not forget the beautiful pieces of art work. As I wondered around looking at the antiques, I noted some favourite pieces.


Art Of The Imagination have lovely art pieces in fantasy style, and limited edition books. The art work is full of nature, with fairies and animals and they have a number of amazing artists working with them. Some art pieces are based on popular fairy tale characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia. At the show, they had first edition Chronicles of Narnia and limited edition Alice Through The Looking Glass books.


Baron Fine Art has a wide range of 19th, 20th and 21st century paintings, they are based in Chester, North England but have representatives in London and elsewhere. On the site is a massive range of paintings categorised into various price ranges and categories. The subject of the paintings vary from nature to portraits so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Art Deco Art has a massive range of art deco prints and pictures in various prices. The art is perfect for giving a room the edge, with a feel of the roaring 20s.

Art Deco Art

Art Deco Art

Vanity boxes and decanters

Hampton Antiques specialise in antique boxes and accessories. What caught my eye, was the vanity boxes. They have a range of vanity boxes that can be seen on their website. They all contain silver and glass containers and each have their own style. Each box is unique, in materials and origin. All of their available vanity boxes date back to the late 1800’s, and the workmanship is beautiful.

Edwards Vanity Box

They also do a lovely, varied collection of decanters and quite a few are from the Art Deco period which hovers around the 1920s decade. The prices range, but they are well worth the investment.


There were many stalls with jewellery at reasonable prices for precious stones.

Scarab do some lovely costume jewellery dating back to early 1900s and exquisite precious gems. One of their pieces is a pink sapphire and diamond platinum cluster ring for only £1,985 from the late 20th century; it’s a beauty.

Pink sapphire & diamond platinum cluster ring


Mark Buckley has lovely pieces from late 19th century to early 20th century. He was a favourite of the few antique furniture companies at the show for me.

Victorian burr

Chinese Antiques

Ab Antiquo do exquisite Chinese antiques from a range of dynasties. Some of their oldest pieces goes back to the Han Dynasty dating 221 BC-AD 220. The pieces vary and would add definite interest to any interior.


Art Nouveau Lighting offer a range of lights such as ceiling, lanterns and pendants from the early 20th century. The lighting is simple, with a lot of metal and gold finishes and adds a touch of elegance to any room.


The Favourite

One of my favourite artists at the show, and possibly of the moment, is Michael John Hunt. He is an English figurative painter and etcher and paints interiors and landscapes. His paintings are so crisp in detail, it looks like a photograph. On closer inspection, the way he captures light, depth and detail can be fully appreciated. The website and the display at the show all coincide, a dark grey backdrop to bring out the quality of the paintings.

Gallery Paintings

Bayou Bend Painting


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